Best quality video?

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Best quality video?

Postby Hambone » Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:01 pm

I'm running two Sony EVI-D70P cameras. If I hook the S-video output of the camera directly to the projector at 1024 x 768, the output is spectacular. Now if I plug the camera into the Miglia Alchemy capture card and send the video the the projector via the Miglia software, the output is still very good.

However, when I send the video through Arkaos and to the projector, it looks like a cheap webcam. I've been through all of the QuickTime settings and can't seem to get it any better.

Why is this? When I output 1024 x 768 video clips and stills to the projector from Arkaos, the output is excellent. But the video capture from the cameras through Arkaos is really poor.

How do I get it improved? Do I need an XGA Firewire camera? I'm upgrading to a quad G5 soon, so hopefully processor speed won't be an issue.
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Postby matthieu » Tue Oct 25, 2005 2:56 pm

First, we improved camera input in VJ 3.5 FC5, this is the version you can download since 2 weeks on our website. Deinterlacement was not optimal, now it is.
If you set the camera setting to "High Quality" in ArKaos, the quality should be the same as in any QuickTime application.

Does this version helps ?
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