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Postby moenen » Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:26 pm

I'm building an interactive installation that reacts on movement and sound to trigger movies, or parameters in movies. On this moment my workflow is scripting in flash.

But, like this is a project for school, and I want to make it my thesis, I want to go further in my interactivity. Flash's movementdetection is quite rudimentary, so I'm thinking about buying the SoundBeam to expand my workflow to Arkaos.
But the in infos I red about SoundBeam, it wasn't clear if one can use SoundBeam's parameters (f.e. distance) as a midicontroller, in place of just triggering stupid notes (wich should be boring, and not €900 worth).

People from ArKaos, can you tell me this, like that product was in your newsletter?

Much much thanx!


for more info on my project, mail me. I'm based in Brussels, Belgium.
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