Revisiting an old request

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Revisiting an old request

Postby lighttch » Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:46 am

This seemed to be a popular suggestion in both Mediamaster and Grand VJ forums, so I thought I'd revisit the idea. How about switching from a computer id / keycode to a usb Dongle. this would allow the software to be used on only one computer at once while allowing it to be installed on a couple, allowing for backups, or multiple systems for different needs. Seriously, everyone else is using dongles for just that reason. just my 2 cents.

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I advocate a Hardware Dongle

Postby artchitecture » Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:58 am

Yes, I have two dvFusion2 media workstations that we employ with Arkaos VJDMX.

We have two licenses one for each.

The first license we purchased for another machine that we retired when we purchased the dvFusion2. License 1 serial 1 and 2 of 3.

We have two systems so of course we purchased a second license. License 2 Serial 1.

These flight case multimedia workstations feature hot swap SSD drives so it’s dead simple to switch OS from XP to Vista and now Win 7. When we got them they started with Vista and the serials are attached to those OS installation on those SSD drives.

Vista had dumped screen spanning which you could do in winxp so we used another serial on a winxp install in order to enable screen spanning. This allowed us to obtain blended outputs to 6 screens in 1280x720 with two matrox triple heads, very cool, but License 2 Serial 2 is now attached to that OS installation.

Now comes win 7. And I used License 1 Serial 3 to go there on one dvFusion2.

Now I must mention tragedy I lost the system to a performance based raid 0 on the system drives. Yes it does help, but dangerous. Last serial, vapor. That’s all my licenses.

I would still like to update the second machine to Win 7 but that would be a very expensive proposition according to the letter of the law requiring me to invest in another license for the same machine.

Its only been a year

It is still only two machines, each one capable of operating the software only once.

I am not asking for grudging forgiveness to reset my serials. I support a working solution that is an industry standard in the lighting world for almost all software based dmx consoles. Hardware dongle.

It all seems a bit silly. With a hardware dongle, I could omg it’s endless. I could rent a computer in New York and plug it in and do a show without worrying if it ever had Arkaos on it before. I can upgrade my OS. I can experience system failure with out a poke in the eye from my favorite software manufacturer. I don't need three serial numbers I need a portable hardware license.

Here is an additional market for you. Create a hardware dongle that bills for time used. In this modern age it must be possible to create a lan based dongle that communicates with the mother ship and lets me run a bill. Two machines in my inventory which allows me up to 12 displays of output cover most things I do. But, it would be outstanding to be able to get temporary license or timed licenses for performance. This would allow me to scale my product line without limits at a realistic cost that also allows me to get the work. I can rent as many computers as needed to do the largest of presentations. As a matter of fact, allow it to authorize multiple incidences on an artnet based network like a timeclock with auto license switching for backup systems. Backups run with watermark until system is switched over due to technical difficulties. Now that would be trick.

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Re: Revisiting an old request

Postby apache » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:35 pm

+1 to architecture
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Re: Revisiting an old request

Postby Kai » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:01 pm

Yes, would very much be in favour of a dongle-based system. Allows me to run one setup at the time tailor-made to the show. I.e. for a small project leave a macbook with the client, for something bigger a bigger machine etc. Also solves the issue of being worried about operating system upgrades. What speaks against the dongles?

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