Keyboard Keys Sometimes Stop Working

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Keyboard Keys Sometimes Stop Working

Postby sithum » Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:12 am

I've got a strange issue I've been dealing with for many months now, but it's interfered with my work far too many times to not try dealing with now.

The keyboard on my desktop will be functioning just fine, and then randomly from time to time (sometimes not for weeks, other times it does it repeatedly in the same day) some keys will stop functioning. Other keys on the keyboard will type just fine, but some (just one, or sometimes several) won't respond. They occasionally come back after a few seconds only to stop again; other times they won't respond for much longer. It's not always the same keys and I've tried more than one keyboard in multiple USB ports.

I've run spyware and virus scans and found nothing. I've had some issues with USB ports in the past (where certain ports wouldn't work until after I restart the computer or after a long wait), which makes me wonder if it's something with the USB ports on my motherboard or a power supply issue, but that's pretty baseless and I have no idea how I'd even go about determining if that's the case.

I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, for what it's worth.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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