Signal and Control for Klip in NYC

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Signal and Control for Klip in NYC

Postby artchitecture » Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:26 am

DaVinci Fusion just returned from NYC where we were invited by our good friends at the Klip Collective to provide the signal and control system to map the exterior of Pier 57 in the Chelsea district of New York and some other stuff.

DaVinci Fusion provided two dvFusion2 LDWs, one running MediaMaster Pro and the second running Express. The Pro system drove four (4x) 2k (2048x1080) dvi-d signals from its AMD Firepro 9800 gpu. We ran Fiber Optic dvi-d to each of 4 double stacks of Barco XLM 30k Projectors, delivering every pixel in their native 2k resolution. The four stacks of projectors painted the entire 660 ft. of Pier 57 into a single screen of 8192x1080 pixels.

The second live display workstation with Media Master Express was located on pier 57 and drove three (3x) Christie Roadie HD+35K 1080 HD DLP projector also in the projectors native 2k resolution. This system provided rear projection on three water screens that erupted out of the water. Their spray formed a 45 ft. radius fan in the air between pier 57 and the audience on Pier 54. Each of the three Christie HD+35k were fed a 2k signal to match their native resolution. This provided for a total combined screen output of 6144x1080 pixels. This system featured an ATI Radeon 6870 gpu to serve up the pixels.

We ran into a bit of a hitch when the Barco projectors on Pier 54 didn’t provide any edid information to the workstation. This caused quite a bit of anxiety as the projectionist and we tried to get the projectors and computers talking. But a solution was a short walk down to Pier 57.

We had finished with the Christie system earlier in the day and the Think Logic VelocityDVI Fiber optic DVI-D had the capability to store the edid of the Christie’s projectors into their fiber transmitter. This allowed us to power down the projectors and the workstation still saw the projector information and didn’t lose its display settings. This is a very handy device indeed as well as the solution to our Barco problem. We loaded the VelocityDVI transmitters for the Barco projectors with the Christie 2k information and fooled the computer into sending the proper resolution to the Barco projectors. Christie and Think Logic saved Barco, the event and me.

We brought our Jands Vista T2 console with the latest Byron operating system to control the triggering of the media servers. All MediaMaster servers were set to simple mode for very easy Dmx triggering. An Elation ewdmx wireless DMX system was used to bridge the 600+ ft. gap between the piers and virtually eliminated any wire in the system. We did learn it wouldn’t work through the steel doors. So we opened the door and found an extremely stable signal with not an ounce of perceptible latency.

Additionally we provided control for the water walls from Mirage Waterworks. The Mirage system is DMX controllable for on and off. This allowed us to synch the water walls with the video playback. Our final Dmx appliance, a Dmx Flapper MKii was mounted on the center Christie projector to block the lens when it wasn’t displaying so the audience wouldn’t see it during the parts of the show that featured the projection on the exterior of Pier 57.

Our Vista Programmer Eric Kincl put the show together from a show flow provided by Klip that included the exact timing of when they wanted each of the devices or media files to trigger. As the show grew closer and time was running out, we got to run the full sequence with all the systems for the first time five minutes before doors. The sequence ran flawlessly on its first attempt and allowed us to open for the guests exactly on time. My hat is off to Mister Kincl and the boys from Klip for pulling that off.

Klip developed and provided us with the visuals which were delivered as 2K (2048x1080) QT movies. MediaMaster delivered perfectly synched playback of the four (4) 2k files from the live display workstation with MediaMaster Pro on Pier 54, plus three (3) 2k files from the LDWs with Media Master Express on Pier 57, and a third workstation with MediaMaster Express which delivered the audio track for the video with music and sound effects. The Audio track was delivered as a QT File and triggered in MediaMaster Express.

And of course this begs the question. Why not just play the audio from the main server? Very late in the game we were asked to provide multi track audio playback. I had not tried this before so I didn’t know if MediaMaster would provide multi-track playback across the 7.1 audio system of the dvFusion2. We had already shipped the dvFusion2 to NYC so it was extra difficult to test. The solution was to provide three (3) additional MediaMaster Express servers on laptops each running a stereo pair or 2 tracks of the 6 tracks desired. This worked brilliantly. Not show tested, because the multi-track effect got cut before the show so it wasn’t used in the final performance. We left the audio track in place as it was working perfectly; don’t mess with a working system, right. I also believe that it provided a performance boost as I find audio to be a real drag on system resources.

An interactive element was offered to entertain the guests. A classic basketball pop a shot game was played facing Pier 57. As the player completed baskets, their running score appeared on the wall of pier 57 alongside their name. Two Mac Pro laptops generated the scoring graphics and the players’ names. We captured the two 1920x1080 dvi signals via dual SDI inputs. MediaMaster then displayed the captured signals and placed them in pixel perfect position on Pier 57.
Arkaos and the dvFusion2 LDWs provided a fluid and polished performance and to quote one of the gentleman from Mirage Waterworks “…seamless…”.

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