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Arkaos & Lightjockey

Postby soundguy_99 » Sat Feb 18, 2006 6:56 am

Hey guys,
I may be a bit out of line for posting this here, and if so I apologize.
I am verry interested in the DMX side of the software, and its automation feature via the lighting. From the information I have gathered thus far, and from what have read, alot of the DMX talk is concerning hooking up an external lighting controller via a usb-dmx interface, but what happens when your running a software based controller from the same computer. Currently I am running Martin Lightjockey at our club, (which interfaces through a PCI-DMX card)and would like to get information about how I might be able to integrate Arkaos and Lightkockey togeather, before I suggest Arkaos to the managers.
I suppose midi is still an option, weather that be beteen 2 seperate computers or running on the same machine, but I was wondering if anyone has ever actually integrated Arkaos with lightjockey yet.
Any thoughts would be greatly apreciated.
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Postby gnomatron » Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:53 am

Surely a safer, more stable, and simpler solution would be to connect a second computer via DMX? Video stuff is very demanding on hardware, so you don't want to have the machine doing video doing anything else if possible, and especially not something as show-critical as the lighting. Arkaos has always been quite stable for me, but it does run better if it's not contending with other programs for processor time and ram and so on.
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Postby soundguy_99 » Sun Feb 26, 2006 2:05 am

Thanks for the reply.
I know thats probably alot safer way of doing it and later on thats the way I will end up doing it, but since I have PCI to DMX card installed already I Thought that it might be a good first step in trying the software.
Besides All the comments I have read talk about Arkaos being linked to a external console (Ie static programs with faders)not, software based Lighting controllers like lightjockey which is completly different.
For club type applications I find the software based systems tend to work alot better.
I don`t know if the devlopers of Arkoas has even thought about integrating it into software based systems.
Thank again for the reply,
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Postby Hambone » Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:28 pm

I run multitrack audio, lighting, and Arkaos all from Ableton Live on one computer. Lighting is by far the least demanding of the three. It's just simple MIDI continuous controller data.

My lighting timing is very tight with the audio and video. By tweaking Live's track delays with a negative value, I can even get strobes to fire right on rapid snare-drum hits. All video and lighting effects stay tightly synced and beat-matched to the audio, irrespective of tempo.
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