video sync mess - HELP! (don't think this one can be fixed)

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video sync mess - HELP! (don't think this one can be fixed)

Postby krafty » Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:49 pm

Ok, not necessarily an Arkaos thing, but somebody out there must be working with digital video and audio. here's what's up.

Did a multitrack audio recording and video shoot - one camera of three bands on a nights performance. Had Arkaos running behind the band on stage. Cool. The recordings of the arkaos preformance that night got destoryed cause the computer got unplugged from the wall in the middle of operation. Crapped out the synth and I had to rebuild it live. OK, that's still not the problem.

I took all the video from the cameras and digitized it at 29.97, NTSF, 4:3 24 bit. Audio is at 44.1 stereo. The plan was to record audio on the camera as well and use the bad camera audio as my sync reference. Well the audio did not get recorded from the camera. I have no reference to mix the live video and audio together.

Now, when I eyeball it, I can get one part pretty close, but everything else is out of whack. It seems that the video component is compressed in time. The audio is not of course.

What can I do to get out of this mess?

I'm supposed to have a DVD ready for the client later today!

Ya I know. It's a learning process. I have to get a sync box.

Thanks in advance.
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