HELP - I need your soft edge blending pictures

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HELP - I need your soft edge blending pictures

Postby clownfire » Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:45 pm

Hello friends,

Recently I did a show using 3 projectors and softedge blending. The AV company that provided the projectors were complete jerks and sent me garbage with completely different colour temperatures and did a poor job matching them. So naturally, we had some visible blend area.

On top of doing a crap job, they are now blaming the arkoas engine for the problem. If you have any pictures of successful seamless edge blending, please send them to me or post so I can show this jerks that arkoas works and works well.

I appreciate your time and help

Toronto, ON
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Postby FraKtus » Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:23 am

If you had different colour temperature then it's more a problem of tuning the projectors.

In most of the case peoples are using the matrox dualhead2go or tripplehead2go to drive 2 or 3 monitors. In this case the 3 outputs are generated by the same video card output so it's impossible to have colour temprature different on each monitors, at least at the output of the computer.

If you are curious, just try the demo version and use it with several computer screens, the dualhead2go/tripplehead2go is very affordable.

If you do so feel free to post your feedback here, we had a lot of positive reports of peoples making multi monitors projections.

Here is a projection we did at LDI with 2 projectors: ... 348313903/
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