Removing a Display?

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Removing a Display?

Postby runawaymartin » Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:30 am

Hi Everybody . . . I've been running GVJ successfully with VideoMapper for some time using a monitor to display the output. I've just tried to to connect a projector instead and it's giving me a great deal of grief!
Even though VideoMapper seemed to find the projector, and create a new display, no images were forthcoming. I can't find a way of deleting this new display.
I've reconnected my monitor but now I'm experiencing a) GVJ crashes if I try to select the surface, 'Surface 1', that I've been successfully using, and b) if I select full screen in VideoMapper the image does appear on my monitor but my computer monitor turns black.
I'm not sure if deleting the new display will help me or not, but if anyone could tell me how that is done I'll give it a go . . . Other than that any help will be appreciated . . .
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