little trouble with promo code showfootage

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little trouble with promo code showfootage

Postby arno » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:43 pm

I'm sorry to send such a personal topic, but I really don't know how to contact arkaos team.
I have bought arkaos grand VJ and you have offer me (thank you) a promo code to have a showfootage video. But your promo code doesn't work. On showfootage website, they say "The entered voucher code is Invalid" and also "Status: Expired".
Could you help me ?
Sorry again for such a personnal trouble.
BUT ! For the other, I've got a question :
Showfootage offer SD videos, HD 720 videos or HD 1080 videos. If I buy HD 1080 videos, will Grand VJ be able to react immediatly when I will change the speed of my videos with my midi Edirol ? For information, I have an external hard disk (7200 tours/minutes) a very recent Mac Book Pro and I have put 6 Giga of Ram inside my computer.
have all a good day
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Re: little trouble with promo code showfootage

Postby arAhken » Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:15 am

Hello mate, I know I am late to reply to your post but I still want to. Anyway, I’d visited that site you’ve given here. I’d also try to use the promo code but it was really too late. However, I am still hoping for another code from this site. Cheers!
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