two bugs; one with PNG stills ArkMM Pro

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two bugs; one with PNG stills ArkMM Pro

Postby sow_fat » Thu May 12, 2011 4:15 am

system: Win 7 64bit, Arkaos MM Pro 2.2.1, controlled by Magicq via artnet

Bug 1:
When displaying PNG stills (encoded with alphas tho it doesn't seem to matter), and the loop mode is set at Once Forward or Once Backward, ArkMM displays a blank frame. It briefly flashes when intensity is at full, but goes blank.

Bug 2:
After changing between simple mode and pro while full screen was enabled, ArkMM now make Windows consistently throw a crash error "Media Master has stopped working" when quitting normally. ArkMM appears to work just fine though and doesn't seem to be affected functionally, but keeps throwing a crash error when quitting it normally.

Any solutions that anyone would know? Starting a trouble ticket about both soon.
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