No Registration Code for boxed version purchased online

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No Registration Code for boxed version purchased online

Postby simonpentz » Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:47 am

I purchased GrandVJ1.5 online the other day, and decided to get the Boxed version for the extra content. I thought I would get the Activation code posted on my account page so I could register and start using the Software straight away but all that is listed there is an order code. I have a gig this weekend where I need to run visuals for a major artist which I have preprogrammed to run on GrandVJ , and now find that I can't use the software that I paid for.

If I had known this to be the case I would simply have purchaced the Software only version

This seems a bit ridiculous as I have downloaded the software already and don't need to wait for the CD to install it. Surely they could put the activation code from the box against my account before posting it!!!! (This would also protect me against someone else using my activation code if the boxed version gets lost in the post)

I logged a support ticket, but all I got was a reply telling me that the ticket had been logged, and no Support!
At the very least there should be a warning on the shopping cart stating that if you Purchase the boxed version, you won't be able to activate it until you physically receive the box!!!!
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