Multiple Videos Simultaneously Synced on Multipe Screens

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Multiple Videos Simultaneously Synced on Multipe Screens

Postby davmit » Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:17 pm

I want to outline what is is that I'm attempting to do. I have never worked with Arkaos or DMX before, so bare with me:

I am preparing for an exhibition and would like to us Arkaos VJ DMX, if possible, to sync three individual videos to each other with each video being assigned to it's own screen running 1024x768 (minimum) resolution. Each video will be the same running length (about 7 minutes ea.) and each will need to maintain synced runtimes, with little or no variance after multiple loops.

In addition, I want to trigger lights to turn on, off, dim up and dim down, at certain points in the videos. This will all need to run pre-programmed on a loop and be able to run by itself unattended. Ideally, someone should be able to simply press START every morning and it should be able to run. No FX or post processing will be applied to any of the videos, just straight running.

Can this, and how would this, be accomplished?

I will have a PowerPC tower, most likely dual processor G5 (not sure what the processor speed is). I can put as much RAM as needed into it. I also have and can use multiple machines, if necessary. I am thinking that I would place three separate video cards into the machine, each driving it's own projector (if there is a better way, ie. multiple machines, etc. let me know) I will need to purchase a DMX Controller (please recommend) and some dimmer packs (will need have standard three prong outlets as the lights will be standard 120v fixtures connected in banks). The lights will be set up in large arrays on the walls and will all dim and turn on/off at the same time. Overhead lights will operate on a separate channel, and a few other lights will operate on a separate channel. These three separate sets of lights will dim and flip on/off at different times, but choreographed to the videos.

In total I will have unique 3 channels of video and 3 unique channels of lighting.

I have software that a friend wrote for me that works great for syncing unlimited amounts of video over a network connection (one computer as a server w/ other computers as clients, each video running on their own machine) but I fear if I try to program the lighting using a separate program the show will eventually fall out of sync. Plus trying to start both programs running at the exact same time would be difficult.

I have some money to spend, as this exhibition is being funded by the NEA, Andy Warhol Foundation, and NYSCA, but I have other things I must purchase as well, so I would like to do this as cheaply as possible. I am willing to offer a consulting credit in the exhibition catalog and would love to recommend whoever can help me with this for paid consulting gigs to galleries, artists, etc.

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