ETC Ion and Arkaos

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ETC Ion and Arkaos

Postby ckaiserca » Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:38 pm


Trying to use ArKaos with an ETC Ion console and having the following problem:

I can't access more than the first two flash animations. With the "File Type" encoder set to "Text" the only options that I have with "File 1" encoder are Layer 0, Camera 1, and Camera 2. It's obvious that the profile has an error in it, and the "File 1" encoder only has the options for the "Video" setting of "File Type" rather than the 255 options that I should have with "Text."

Any work arounds? I thought it might be as easy as editing a wheel, but there are no edit options for any wheels under "attributes" at all.
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