GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

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GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

Postby benmiller » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:08 am

I have Media Master Pro v 2.0 (with a license) in full fixture mode running fine on a Mac Mini controlled by a GrandMA fullsize console. Now I have set-up Media Master Pro v 2.1 (demo version) set up on my Mac Book Pro Laptop, and a Windows 7 PC running GrandMA OnPC with a 2Port Node Pro (which is basically a big DMX dongle in this set-up) - but I can't get it to work even though the set-up is almost exactly the same as my original set-up! Specifically OnPC cannot "see" the Media server in the DMX over Ethernet set-up window. All IP addresses and Artnet settings seem to be correct. DMX outputs in OnPC (including the Artnet output) are showing green ie.are active.

I don't know of this is an OnPC problem or a Media Master Pro v 2.1 problem!
Is it possible to control Media Master Pro 2.1 (fixture mode) over DMX/Artnet in the Demo version?

Any help much appreciated!
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Re: GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

Postby benmiller » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:24 pm

Replying to my own post - in case it helps anyone else.

The problem has been fixed.
The GrandMA consoles use a 192.168.0.x / type network for MA Net however Media Master, running on a MAC uses Artet so the IP adress is of the type 2.x.x.x. / On a GMA console this "just works". But with OnPC I needed to setup two IP addresss in Windows: I used / for the MANet and then I had to add an additional IP address (in the network adaptor settings) of / for the Arnet network communicating with the Media Master Pro on my MAC which has an IP address of /

Now I can "ping" all computers on the network and everything works fine.
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Re: GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

Postby vj_stello » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:01 pm

Hi Ben,

I have a similar pb...
I have MediaMaster 2.2 running on Mac.
The network params are :
IP :
Mask :

The Mac is connected directly to grandMA onPC via Ethernet (without any node).

On OnPC, we've patched a Full Arkaos 2.1 fixture on Universes 1 & 2.
In DMX configuration, we setup Universe1 in Art-Net protocol (SubNet 1, ID 1) with the "standard output" activated (because we don't use any ArtNet DMX Hubs)
The MediaMaster of Mac appears in this window.

So we suppose they are connected but we cannot control anything in MM from OnPC and "DMX act" led doesn't light up.

Do you have idea of what's wrong there ?

Thank you in advance !!!

Stello & Luke
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Re: GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

Postby wmldwilly » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:16 am

I think your problem is you haven't connected any devices that license you to output control parameters with OnPC, like a 1 port or 2 port node, NSP, or other output licensed device from MA lighting. You can patch and communicate at a basic level with other devices, but not output any control parameters via dmx or artnet. An MA 1-port node opens up 512 control parameters, a 2-port node 1024 parameters, an NSP from a GrandMA1 system opens up 4096 parameters, and so on.

In a nutshell, ya gotta buy a bit of hardware to "license" the OnPC software to actually put out real live DMX to control a light or server or dimmer.
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Re: GrandMA OnPC Artnet Problem

Postby jannypan » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:58 am

good, haha

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