Effects make strange things in cropping mode

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Effects make strange things in cropping mode

Postby Falken » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:50 pm


I have a project where I have to use crop mode + mapping and effects.
my problem ist, when I crop the video and fit it on surface it works.
As soon as I use an effect GrandVJ forgets about the croping and distorts video somehow to original video.
Everything works fine as long as I have the mapper open and this mapping is activated in videomapper.
As soon as other mapping is edited the error comes up.

Maybe another problem comes from same source:
If I, for example, have two mappings and have one video running in one mapping and I activate an effect in other empty mapping the running video is shown now in empty mapping too. I cannot think this should be the case.

Im using WIN10, error is the same with new GrandVJ 2.1.1 and older 2.0.3.

Im not sure if this had been in the past or only came up with update to Win10 or something else.
Anyone can tell me if this problem has been seen before and any idea what can be done?

Thanks a lot for the help.
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