Multi-Monitor - Am I doing it right?

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Multi-Monitor - Am I doing it right?

Postby Falken » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:33 am

maybe someone who already has done it can give me an advice.

I have a controll monitor for GrandVJ plus 2 monitors with 1920x1200 for the Output.
I want to spread the output over these 2 monitors (or in the end the beamers).
In Preferences Display setting to "All connected dives" doesn´t make sense, because also my controll monitor is used for Full Screen Output.
I found that to use these 2 monitors I have to set output to the most left monitor and enter customer resolution 3840x1200.
(To me this is strange as it would be much clearer if I just could set the 2 monitors for display and not setting one monitor and second works only by setting the resolution.
Anyway - if this is the right way it is OK but Im not sure if the resolution is really the full resolution on each screen.
Strange is, that after I set customer resolution in preferences, the greyed out resolution of the selected displays is set to 640x480.

How could I use Multi-monitor setting and still keeping the 3rd montor for menues of GrandVJ?

Thanks very much for any idea!
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Re: Multi-Monitor - Am I doing it right?

Postby PhasedMedia » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:35 am

Hi Falken,
Multiple approaches to this.
1. Display spanning in GFX card. Eyefinity for ATI, and Surround/Mosiac for Nvidia. Basically combining outputs into one monitor of combined resolution. (i.e. 3840x1200). This will be monitor to select (once setup) in Arkaos software. Force resolution will be available for efficient playback.
2. Custom Resolution. With 3 extended desktops, interface will be on right-most and x=0,y=0 is top left of left-most monitor. More likely to get tearing in image as this is a windowed mode.
3. Videomapper. Treat each monitor independently and make into a display group.
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