Videomapper with higher input than Full HD

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Videomapper with higher input than Full HD

Postby Falken » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:57 am

I tried to solve my Multi-Screen "thing" (from my other post) with the Video-mapper function of GrandVJ XT but Im still not sure about this feature.

As I want to spread my video, which is prepared in double resolution of each display, over 2 monitors (or 2 beamers).
Normal way would be to have these 2 monitors in Videomapper, do one mapping on first monitor and one on second monitor and add cropping of original video for both mappings.

Now the problem is that resolution of cropping window seems to follow the resolution of the monitor, which doesnt make sense to me as this is just an input and this input is a higher resolution video. So this setup only allows me to use full HD resolution although my video has double the resolution.

Then I tried to put both mappings to the most left monitor and added customer resolution 3840 horizontaly.
This works, but I dont know if this is the right configuration. Why should I be able to use each monitor by its own in video mapper whan I have to put all mapping to one monitor with customer resolution to get it working?

Anyone any idea what Im doing wrong or is it just the way GrandVJ XT handels this job?
Thank you!!!
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