Multipart Multi-output Question

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Multipart Multi-output Question

Postby Sutra01 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:29 am

I just purchased GrandVJ for our night club and i love it but have a few questions about the output.
Im using an IMac and have 4 Martin LC2140 panels to create one large panel, and a video matrix that feeds a number of flat screen TVs. I have the MINI Display port converting into a DVI cable. Its the DVI cable with the cross and 4 pegs on one side and that is feeding my 2140.

Here is the first part of the question;
I know i need to use a matrox box to output my signal multiple times, one split would be to the 2140 panels as dvi, the next feed i need to go to my video matrix which feeds the flat screens. The Matrix takes component input only. Does anyone know if any of the matrox boxes will do component output? im aware of an adapter that changes dvi to component but im unsure if the matrox box does "sync on green". Has anyone else had this same issue, how did you solve it?

The next part of the question;
In order to fit my graphic on the 2140 wall i have to shrink the output box down to a tiny box in the center of the screen. Is this going to affect my output image once i get them onto the flat screens via a matrox box? im guessing it will but im not sure. How can i go about solving this issue as well.

Any and all advice is greatly appriciated.
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