Output warping

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Output warping

Postby lighttch » Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:19 am

I really like the fact that Mediamaster now has screenwarping and geometric correction. Just wondering if there are any plans to add this feature to Grand VJ? Also not to re hatch an old post, but has any further thought been given to going from a limited use serial to a USB dongle. I recently lit a festival in which I dealt with many VJ's each day. And when discussing software, almost every one of them liked GrandVJ, but had moved away from it, the reason being that the 3 use license had burned them at one time or another and the fact that they would have to rebuy the software did not agree with them. I find myself agreeing, I already paid for the software, and now as my system is growing, I find myself potentially having to rebuy the software in order to upgrade my system. Also if the system were USB dongle based and either my primary system crashed or did not arrive, as I fly frequently, I could just plug the dongle into my laptop and at least get through my show with a scale back version of what I normally do. Hope you take this into consideration.

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Re: Output warping

Postby absentcinema » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:46 pm

Can't agree more with both these points.

I've only had GrandVJ a few months and due to a hardware failure I'm already on my second key. If I use up another key before too long, it will be a deal breaker and I'll move onto another package. There's no way I'm going to re-buy the software just because my hardware configuration changes somewhat.
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