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Vegas Pro & GrandVJ

Postby ENFP » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:24 am

Hey all,

i'm just wondering about the optimised settings for grandVJ in HD and in 720x480?
I'm a pc user with Sony Vegas 10 for video editing.

Also, most of my orignal clips are in .avi format and I'm wondering if I change to .mov will that affect grandvj's performance having to deal with two different formats. Is mov purely recommended as most people use macs with grandvj?
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Re: Vegas Pro & GrandVJ

Postby jcbklyny » Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:20 pm

MOV is just a container, just like AVI. There are many different compression settings that can be used with the 2 containers.

GrandVJ uses FFMPEG to play all video unless your using MOV files with audio. If the file has audio it will use Quicktime. So it really doesnt matter how many different formats you load, the program is still using the same video engine to drive them.

Personally I use regular MPG for standard def content. Since all of my content was in DVD format to begin with this was easiest for me and the quality resizing GVJ does up to XGA resolution is great. For HD I use H.264 .MP4. The only time you really need MOV format is if you want uncompressed Photo JPEG or similar uncompressed video. Some people find this to be best for scratching and searching through video... I never had a problem scratching standard MPG video with GVJ. I guess it really depends on your computer setup. I dont use laptops. I use rack mounted PC's (quad core or better) more like a media server. So my rig can handle pretty much anything I want to do video wise with GVJ and still have tons of processor power and memory to spare.

So if you have created content with vegas and burned it to a DVD, simply browse the DVD and drag and drop the VOB file directly into GVJ. You can copy it to the hard drive or use it directly from the disk. GVJ will even play the audio! Only video program out there that does that.

- John
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