mixing live cameras

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mixing live cameras

Postby mikekay » Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:46 am

Greetings. I used Arkaos a while ago and own Arkaos midi 3.6. It has been a while. I just never ended up using it much, and now my needs have changed. I really liked the software so am inquiring if GrandVJ will do what I need.

I have a studio, am doing live internet broadcasts - internet radio station to begin with, but the studio is being wired with cameras. I have three so far - two have composite outputs, and one is a firewire camera. What I wish to be able to do is use GrandVJ to mix the three live cameras with graphics and transitions between cameras, output that to a new video output - then stream this on the internet.

So, can GrandVJ handle more than one live camera at a time? Can I use it to mix video with? Can it handle composite AND firewire inputs?

I currently have no way to input three video streams into the system, I can do the firewire and one composite - but not two composites - and I'm seeking a solution to this as well.

The closest thing I have found is a program called Webcam 7 pro. It accepts multiple video inputs and will broadcast to the net- but is meant for security and you can't do transitions, etc....Also the resolution of the program itself sucks.

Any feedback, input or advise most appreciated.

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