Noob to VJing. Where do I start?

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Noob to VJing. Where do I start?

Postby HelloMellow » Mon May 16, 2011 7:17 pm

Hi :) I've just bought ArKaos because I want to do some VJ'ing.

Where do I go from here? Do I have to get a videocamera to film stuff or? Where do you get your material? What controller would you recommend?

Please give me some pointers :)
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Re: Noob to VJing. Where do I start?

Postby VisualMash » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:31 pm

With regard to VJ visuals for VJing take a look at ;o)

Have a fun with a camera, be creative, abnormal points of view, get in the action, extreme sports / activity's, time lapse video??? Just be sensible when it comes to safety, it hurts when a camera smacks you in the face, falls on someones head, or fly's off something at speed, so I don't actually recommend doing any of the above ;o) BTW do some great clamps, mounts, adjustable arms etc for mounting cameras.
If you have a good budget for a camera I would consider looking at Digital SLR Cameras, Somting like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II that also records 1080 HD video.
Keep in mind where you intend to use video/film content you create, environments with low lighting levels e.g. night clubs the video/film in its raw state can sometimes be a bit of an atmosphere killer, video can create allot of white ambient light club. Setting up RGB controllers in Arkaos can be handy for dealing with this, and allows you to compliment the overall colour theme at the time.

With regards to controllers, you need a 'midi controller' preferably with plenty of buttons/pads/keys, sliders and dials

The 'Korg Nano' is a nice modular system, small and compact, great if you wish to travel lite.
The 'nanoKONTROL' is a good starting device, this will give some much needed sliders and dials. You can use the computer keyboard for you buttons/pads if you don't wish to splash out on the keys or pads yet.

There are also so midi controller listed on the Arkaos web site. Have a look at

Kind regards
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