Midi Feedback for two different controller

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Midi Feedback for two different controller

Postby fopion » Wed May 25, 2011 2:53 pm

Hello, i am a german vj, so at first sorry for some possible mistakes in grammar or wrong vocabulary....
I work with Grand VJ 1.5 and an APC40 Controller. That work very well, also the Feedback Function is great. Now i am trying to connect the ipad with the midi network build in osx... That works also. I can see the midi function on a midimonitor on the pad and i can manipulate knobs and faders in arkaos, BUT when i select midi feedback on arkaos ( feedback unit 2, feedback type: generic midi, midi out: IAC- Driver) the feedbackunit 1 (apc40) stop working.
So, is it possible to combine two different types of feedback and if its possible, how?
Thank you for your response....
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