Reviewing Grand VJ 2.0.1

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Reviewing Grand VJ 2.0.1

Postby Rakesh » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:36 pm

Here is my feedback for the v2 of Grand VJ. Really hope this will be seen by the developers at :arkaos:.
- FullScreen active or not should be visible in menubar or on output window, by a color some indication.
- All popup screens are behind the Extracted Matrix. Keep having to move the Matrix Banks window to see the popup windows. Extremely annoying :help:. Keep waiting for the startup, when I didn't see that screen asking for the missing videos. And try to choose a mapping template when it pops up behind the Matrix Aargh!
- Need to be able to roll between two independent banks by midi control. Now you can only roll one bank at a time.
- Multiple Extracted Bank windows with the same amount of banks. Now you can split the extracted bank window, great but it is only functional if you can then split the display of the banks not the amount of banks! So if I split the bank window in two. Then left side will have 32 banks and right side 32 banks. Being able to scroll between the two bank-lists independently with my midi controller. Finally being able to select two clips at the same time that are not in the same bank! Jut like the NuVJ remember?
- Effects on Layers are not saved? Why is that?
- Remember the scrolling position of keyboard! Each time I reopen Grand VJ I need to reposition the scrollbar of EACH keyboard BANK! AAAAARGH joint
- Keyboard dock to big. Need to be able to change keyboard size to a smaller view so all my keys fit within the screen.
- Somehow I am unable to set my rotating midi-knob to increment to 1 (with 2 Complement & ciruclar set). Luckily I managed to set the Sensitivity to 4, this seems to work except that it skips Bank 1.
- Never have finder windows within the Fullscreen output! Where is the always on top setting?
- Do not show the Extracted Matrix Banks window ontop of the Fullscreen output for all to see.
- Filing banks automatically; When dragging multiple video files within the bank, you should have two options; either replace or add videos in the banks.
- Layer Blend types: Add, Multiply, Screen, Subtract, etc
- Button to return to active bank of video cell playing in layer. By clicking the video in the layer you should switch to the bank of that active cell.
- Should be able to Midi-map the each Play Mode separately.
- Play video within cell when mouse rolls over and stops on the cell
- Needs a numeric or graphic video speed indicator at each layer.

- Assign bank position to a midi-button. After selecting a bank NR through my midi controller (let say bank nr 1), when I then start moving the midi knob to rotate through the banks it switches back to the previous position where it was before. Extremely annoying.
- When Changing banks while having the Finder active/front, banks shoot back to previous position, when returning to Grand VJ. VERY ANNOYING! :x
- When setting the layer transparency between 90% and 100% when the Mirror effects is on that layer, a video glitch appears with the vertical mirror position setting. Other things can cause this mirror effect glitch as well :shock:
- When selecting/dragging a (3D) effect from the effects window the output image starts stuttering.
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Re: Reviewing Grand VJ 2.0.1

Postby JJJ » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:02 am

Grand VJ 2.0.1

CRASH on startup.

Crash logs sent.
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