Audio Inputs

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Audio Inputs

Postby RockShow » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:28 am

Hey guys,

Interesting design idea brought to me by a band today and I didnt have an answer for them. Wondering if anyone can help.

3 piece band, all live no midi. The idea would be to have a LED screen / Mapped LED fixtures, driven by arKaos, behind and around each player and when, for example, the guitarist on SR plays something, his LEDs on SR would light up and when the bass player SL plays his LEDs on SL light up. Trying to keep each player in his own 'zone' so to speak.

I have worked with arKaos a lot and understand the audio input and audio generated visuals but im not sure how I can seperate either the audio signal from one source inside arKaos or seperate the visual so that is only responds to its "zone". I also couldnt do it live as they will be different each night, would be a lot of busking.

Has anyone done anything like this?

Can arKaos select multiple audio inputs? So that say a mix from all the guitar players inputs could trigger 1 layer on his side only? What kind of hardware would I need to involve here?

The only way I can think to do this is to run 3 servers that all have their own audio input and then get a mix of each player sent to that server. Seems excessive to me? Then I have the problem of combining them to run content for the rest of the show.

Let me know your thoughts / experiences.

Cheers guys. :D
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Re: Audio Inputs

Postby PhasedMedia » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:17 am

Rockshow- That's a great question...
Is band two piece plus drums?
Can you do basic prog in flash? (basic understanding for cut & paste code to your own symbols).
Useable flash variables are either 3band left/right, or 9band left/right.
You could aux mix SL musician to right channel mids to highs, SR musician to left channel mids to highs, and C musician to left/right lows (if drummer).
Search for '' on this forum, it has several examples with .fla files included.
Have a look at a basic 3channel left/right EQ flash animation for testing. You can set the audio to affect symbol pretty much however you like i.e. zone behind each muso going from black to white (brightness of symbol relative to audio intensity). You could then use this sound reactive layer as a mask.
i'll have more of a think about this, and get back to you if I can think of a better way.
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Re: Audio Inputs

Postby RockShow » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:59 am

Thanks Phased. :D

That sounds like just the thing. It may be a little limited in the frequency response but will definately do what they are talking about.

I will look up the links now. Ive never really done any flash stuff before but Im sure I can work it out...

Using a reactive layer as a mask is a great idea. That means global control of content can still come from the console to keep it looking neat.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions please let me know.

Thanks again.
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