MacBook Pro video capture - best?

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MacBook Pro video capture - best?

Postby Hambone » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:37 pm

I'm considering moving from a desktop to a laptop machine for DJ/VJing. I don't expect desktop performance from the MacBook Pro, but I do require low-latency video capture (Sony EVI-D90 cameras x 2) performance.

Can I expect this from an MBP? What's my best option for low-latency S-video video capture for 2 or 3 sources? Blackmagic Shuttle/Extreme look good, but there's no Thunderbolt daisy-chaining.

I'm also considering feeding the cameras and Arkaos into a hardware video mixer (Edirol VR3 or VR5), but I lose the ability to use live video feed in Arkaos. Or is there any way to get video from the mixer into Arkaos, then back into the mixer without feedback?
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Re: MacBook Pro video capture - best?

Postby PhasedMedia » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:22 am

May I suggest just using your vision mixer to mix cameras before going to thunderbolt capture card. You could always use a second mixer/switch downstream if you put splitters (or loopnig outs) on feeds.
For example;
CAM1+CAM2 via splitters fed into input 1+2 of Mixer1, Mixer1 fed to Capture card.
CAM1+CAM2+Laptop1 fed into Mixer2. If it's just for redundancy or keeping down video latency a crash switch may suffice for mixer2.

It really depends on your mixer: some have looping inputs, some have AUX outputs. Blackmagic's TVS or ATEM M/E mixers work really well for this kind of thing.
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