Midi mapping deletes itself when I start mixing?

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Midi mapping deletes itself when I start mixing?

Postby Moe » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:44 am

Hi - I'm using an Akai MP 32, and a Berringer B Control Rotary. I've been struggling with this for months now. (In Grand VJ)

I've tried programming my midi-controls, with both devices hooked together, and alone. Problem is, I go through and spend the time to map everything, then exit midi-mapping, go in to start mixing, and half of the midi-controls I've just mapped don't work. Checking on the sidebar, it shows that the mapping path is programmed in, but when I go back into edit mode, those areas don't show anything associated with it any longer.
(IE, I assign a knob to scroll through effects. Exit, that knob gets no result. I go back into edit and nothing shows for scrolling through effects).

I sent a ticket in tonight finally, as I'm really discouraged. I'm new to Midi-mapping, and thought maybe there is something I'm doing wrong here. So, I went into keyboard mapping - Same Thing! I assigned left and right arrow to scroll through visuals, and up and down to scroll through effects. Exit keyboard mapping, those commands don't work anymore, go back in, reassign, they work for a while, then stop.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong here? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Moe.
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