external sequencer

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external sequencer

Postby iw » Wed Oct 30, 2002 3:15 pm

Hi VJ´s

I´m new to this forum....I need some help / advise

I need an external sequencer ( yamaha RS7000 sampler / drummachine) to trigger some preprogrammed patterns AND at the same time "play" on my miditech midi keyboard.
I´m using

Titanium G4 Mac O.S 9.2,
a small Steinberg 2*2 midiinterface
OMS 2.3.8
Arkaos v. 2.2.1

the keyboard ( midi 1 )+arkaos work
the sequencer ( midi 2)+arkaos work


sequencer+keyboard+arkaos doesn´t work

In the midi setup menu, I can choose port 1 or port 2, but not both ( called
USB-2-midi )

Is this an OMS or Arkaos issue?
I know I could connect the keyboard to the sequencers thru port, but it´s really not an option because of the way we perform live....

please help

Iben West
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Postby FraKtus » Fri Nov 15, 2002 1:05 pm

The problem is with OMS, it's not easy to open several midi devices in the same time.

On the PC side it's possible to open all the available MIDI interfaces, but OMS does not provide this functionality on the Mac.

I would recommend to use a small hardware midi merge device to do this. There are many small boxes doing this and we are using with success the one produced by MidiMan. Be carrefull to choose an auto-powered one, you will avoid having yet another small power supply :wink:
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