The Television of Tomorrow Show 2010

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The Television of Tomorrow Show 2010

Postby artchitecture » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:02 am

For immediate release

San Francisco

I would like to take a moment and sing the praises of Arkaos VJ DMX.

I have just opened a conference in SF called TVOT hosted at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. I was the Media Content Manager and responsible for managing the content that was delivered to 5 scenic window panes spanning over 55 ft of screen surface. Three 7.5 x 10 screens filled the windows of the upstage set. Two 12.5 x 10 ft screens flanked the stage.

We incorporated two DaVinci Fusion dvFusion2 media workstations with Arkaos VJ DMX to support the complex digital media delivery necessary to the success of this conference.

We used one to send 3027x768 outputs to three projectors. We did not need to blend them due to the design of the scenery. The second dvFusion2 was used to send 2560x1024 output to two projectors that flanked the triple screens behind the stage.
Both systems where controlled in simple mode from a chamsys dmx control system.

In total we developed 3 patches to drive the 250 plus visuals created from a 17g media library for this three day discussion on interactive television.

Arkaos is delivering as expected, successfully.

We are presenting at 30 to 60fps with all 8 layers combining large 3072x768 and 1080HD files all prepared in h.264 Qt.

We played movies across all 5 screens from both servers using nothing but DMX to trigger the playback and they looked synched.

We programmed the show in one 8 hour session with programmer and one 10 hour session with producer.
We handed the board to a union operator and the synth worked out of the box flawlessly.

All of the visuals were prepared in Simple DMX mode using Arkaos VJ DMX. Patches included 24 channels from a single VGA capture source for presentation of a live web jockey provided by and live onscreen speaker support of PowerPoint. Each of the center three screens had visual settings for a variety of common aspect ratios and the ability to go to full screen from the VGA capture source.

An onscreen EPG or electronic programming guide was designed and rendered in Aftereffects as Photo Jpg originals and converted to jpg using QuickTime Pro as 3072x768 files. Additional movies where also created at 2560x1024 for playback on the wing screens.

Stock HD footage was obtained from Pond5 and developed into visuals for specific looks behind the each of the sessions.

Arkaos is delivering the media at the TVOT 2010 conference with visually stunning success.

We all know they are trying to phase out this program. But it hasn't been replaced or upgraded just broken apart. Please, Arkaos VJ DMX does things that the other programs do not do. Simple mode do I need anything else except when I want keystone on each layer which is much more fun than just using the master keystone for the boring task of aligning the projector and isn’t that the job of the projectionist anyway.

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