Rewire & alternative methods (Midi Yoke etc)

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Rewire & alternative methods (Midi Yoke etc)

Postby vincewentwrong » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:32 am

Hi everyone, I'm hoping Arkaos let you evaluate rewiring and midi receiving on the demo because I've literally been trying all day to get it to work. I'm using Cubase 5.1, I've tried setting up rewire by picking Arkaos from the appropriate devices list and selecting the left and right channels as I remember doing once upon a time with Reason; the midi out is also pointed to Arkaos. When I open the program the after rewire is set up it finds it on the list but doesn't receive any midi data when I set a loop with a few random keys drawn in Cubase.
I read the suggestion of Midi Yoke, which apparently is a better option but it seems to make Cubase unstable and it won't reopen again after I install the NT version (which is apparently what I need for Windows 7). Maple doesn't work because it's only for 32 bit systems, Loopbe seems to work fine but has the same problem as the rewire which is no midi is being received.

I read on one of these forums it could be something to do with dll files, can anyone help at all? I might have to try a different program?

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