Design, Program And Perform with ArKaos.

Versatile & Scalable

ArKaos sets the bar high with the development of our hardware, real-time video software, and game-changing protocols. The ArKaos Ecosystem allows for the maximum control of light and video, in one easy-to-use comprehensive tool.

Ultimate Integration.

ArKaos hardware and real-time video software is present in every market sector and industry, ranging from IOT/architectural installations, LED applications, live events, video mapping, corporate and broadcast.

Superior Simplicity = Confidence.

It is widely known that ArKaos develops highly intuitive products. Less known is that we also inspire confidence in those who use them because the technology really is that simple. This ease of use translates into less technical training and better results for everyone.

Faster Than You Imagine.

Across the board, we have optimised the technology by automating time consuming processes. Designs can be easily programmed within the ArKaos platform with instantaneous results.

Innovation & Brand Loyalty.

The copy-protected Kling-Force chip for LED devices is a completely NEW way to deliver pixel control. This innovative technology is especially designed to handle a large number of pixels and devices and deliver a superior level of performance.

We are inspired to continuously innovate by our more than 10,000 engaged professional users. Our community makes us great, helping us establish unprecedented brand loyalty in the industry.

Attractive Price Point.

It has always been our commitment to keep our technology cost effective. Everyone has the opportunity to create freely since there is no need for extra networking and hardware.

Our culture of ingenuity

Since our beginnings we’ve established a culture of excellence, teamwork and ingenuity. These qualities manifest not only in great products but superior ArKaos products! The CEO Richard Seymour, is backed by a top class management team with backgrounds in the technology and multimedia industry, and a determined team of developers and support personnel.

A defining feature is the company’s culture of managing complex technology and innovation while making it accessible to the end user. At ArKaos we always work together with our users refining our products while maintaining our commitment to powerful simplicity. Basically… we work, so you can play.

Video control has never been this easy!