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By ArKaos Team
on 02 Dec 2016 11:43 AM

Prior to MediaMaster 5, if you needed to display subtitles or synchronize lyrics with a singer, the text effects were not flexible enough. That task has been made easier in version 5, with a Subtitle and Lyric Player and a new folder of text effects specifically designed to display subtitles or song lyrics.

The Text Library has been enhanced so that each 255 text slots can point to a text file (.txt) or a subtitle file (.srt).

Get started and try it with the demo version, open the Text Library (Command or Ctrl T) and select a text or subtitle (.txt, .srt) file in one of the text slot.

Make sure you switch to the Theater mode if it’s not already the case in the preferences:

You can then assign your text file or subtitle in a Visual Preset and display it with one of the new text animations. Select for instance Library 249, Visual 1, and Text 3 in our example above:

The output should now display the first line of our text file as illustrated:

As you can see, the new text effects in folder 249 are all completely multilinguals.

Here is a movie to show this in action:

Output demonstrating Japanese / Chinese / Korean characters:

Example with Arabic characters:

Example withHindou characters:

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